Rejectee Therapy for Feedback for "Judge'd"
Started by Leroy Patterson on Aug 29, 2019
  • Hey dude!

    Thanks for submitting. Thought the animation quality was solid. Think the main problem here was followablility. The bits were pretty crazy, wasn’t a clear story going on, and character motivation was all over the place. I know you were kind of going for a bizarre feel, but I think clearer story structure and character motivation could really help the wild stuff shine. I also agree that it was a little bit sexist at times, shitting on the judges wife definitely took me out of it a little bit.

    But that being said, definitely some fun stuff here. I enjoyed the TV head character design, general animation/vibe, and the sword callback made me laugh. Hope you keep submitting!
    Sep 14, 2019 at 12:57am
  • This is probably my favorite show that got rejected this month and I don't really have much to critique.

    The animation is a little rough but ambitious and not far off from Adult Swim shows like "Harvey Birdman" or "Sealab 2021".
    And the cases are random and clearly improvised but it's all in the "Judge Judy" episode structure.
    There are plenty of jokes. Some hit and some miss but the pace is fast and I laughed a few times.
    It felt a wee bit sexist and that probably hurt you. I doubt your girlfriend, mom or grandma would love it but clearly you did so I can't really fault you for that.

    Mostly, I just want to say kudos. Sometimes you make a great show and it gets turned down and only gets 15 views. Make episode two or resubmit this one next month. And submit it to Adult Swim and see what they have to say. Either way, keep making videos.

    Aug 30, 2019 at 3:07am
  • I'd love any advice and/or criticism,

    Aug 29, 2019 at 6:34am
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