Rejectee Therapy for YGBK - Rejected (sort of)
Started by Jeg Jooper on May 02, 2018
  • Thanks Alex! I appreciate your sincere feedback and will put it to good use for May's submission. It was very nice to meet you the other night and I look forward to more conversations about fruit and cinema. And also dancing to surf rock.
    May 03, 2018 at 7:35am
  • *here

    May 02, 2018 at 8:05pm
  • Hey man, just rewatched.

    I think your show's a real fun tone. I really dig foreign language stuff at 101. From where I was sitting, this played well at the 8pm screening and I wouldn't put too much stock in what place you got -- some of my favorite things I ever made for 101 came in 7th.

    If I were to guess why this didn't get enough votes, I would say it's because the story and jokes didn't connect as hard as they could've. Joke wise, "Samthony Keidis" hit really hard and I think you could've used a few more slam dunks like that. Story wise, I think maybe the goal of moving to LA to do improv wasn't compelling enough. You don't need a necessary big dramatic goal (your tone definitely called for a simpler lower stakes goal) but I think you could've had more obstacles for Samthony. The way you treated "okay gotta perform for the artistic director, oh no he didn't even watch!" was well done for your tone and I would've liked to see more obstacles like that -- whether it was between Samthony and his girlfriend or maybe a reason why Samthony wasn't good at improv and had to overcome it. Structure wise, I appreciate that you actually moved to LA and moved your characters with you, but it's not a very exciting ending. Yes, you wanna keep set up the rest of your series but good strong conclusive endings at 101 always work better. Also, this is super minor and I don't think it cost you any votes but while I have you hear... you kept your credits on screen for too long.

    Anyway, these are just my guesses for why the audience voted the way they did but I wouldn't take too much stock in them. The most valuable part of 101 are the live screenings because nobody is in your head but you. You're the only one who knows your intent from idea through post. And therefore you're the only one at the live screening who knows when the audience responds the way you intended or not and you're the only one who can learn a lesson from it. That is not to say that you should write TO the audience because the audience is often wrong and stupid. You're the only person who can decide between "oh the audience didn't like this part because I did something wrong" or "oh the audience didn't like this part because they have different taste than me and I'm just interested in something else". Each episode you make is usually a mix of both those things and there's no answer how to navigate between the two except get into as many live screenings as possible and just get better and making what you wanna make.

    Good luck!
    May 02, 2018 at 8:03pm
  • (Admins: If this violates the rules or is in bad taste please delete.)
    May 02, 2018 at 6:27am
  • The reason I made it this far is because of this thread, so I conjure your ancient wisdom and brutal honesty once more so that I may be give birth to a far superior abomination next month.
    May 02, 2018 at 6:16am
  • My pilot made it into the screening, but only came in 7th. I hope it is not disrespectful to this thread, but in my constant pursuit to better myself and my craft, I ask your feedback so that I may learn and grow from all of my experiences. Thanks!
    May 02, 2018 at 6:12am
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