Rejectee Therapy for Twins
Started by Bobby McCoy on Oct 03, 2012
  • We watched this twice and debated about it a lot. It was pretty close to getting it. To be honest, (and this most likely won't be a huge surprise to you) the audio and video were horrible. It was 2006 camcorder quality with no regard for aesthetics, lighting, editing, the whole 9 yards. If there was one thing that kept it out of the screening, it was the fact that Twins, blown up on giant screen in front of 250 people would have looked and sounded really terrible.

    And yet, that was the show's absolute charm as well. The low level of production was matched by your charm and energy in the show. The raw funny of this was better than a lot of the shows we saw that night. We probably laughed as much at Twins than we did at almost any other show that night.

    As I said, we debated the hell out of your show and another one that night (watch the replay of the panel meeting and watch us get really animated for a while). We talked about what Channel 101's mandate was and who to reward. You guys were on the "reward idea over execution" side of our ideological discussion and pushed our panel meeting another hour because of it (thanks, jerks!) Ultimately, we couldn't break the tie and wound up picking a third option that allowed us to 'punt' on the topic for another time.

    So the bottom line is that we think you guys are really talented and funny just fucking around. You got the hard part out of the way at an early age. Now we're asking you to step up your production side and make a show that can play beyond your computer screen or YouTube. So eve if you're going for a 'screwing around' look, make sure that it's in focus, has a light on it, and a microphone close to people with moving mouths . Even if you never make another show for 101 (and I hope that's not the case), you will benefit exponentially by paying a little bit more attention to the quality of the A/V.

    Or do what I do and get some kick-ass friends that will make sure that happens while you're fucking around on camera.

    MAKE MORE FOR 101!
    Oct 04, 2012 at 4:39pm
    Oct 03, 2012 at 7:26pm
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