Rejectee Therapy for roommate trouble
Started by Ariel Gardner on Apr 16, 2015
  • Ariel,

    I was on the panel when this screened. It was controversial to say the least and it honestly kind of derailed our screening. Not that your pilot itself upended our screening, but it was the conversation that resulted from it that did.

    The panel screening that night ended up becoming a sort-of-State of the Union of Channel 101 because of this pilot submission. We really had to ask ourselves: What is Channel 101? And why do we do it?

    Anyways, I would take a look at the current #1 show Kill the Baby. Even though it's much better than your submission, there's actually a lot in common between them, and more than just the fact that they're both primarily in black & white.

    They both have a very dark streak and are both funny but contain no "jokes." They both strive to embrace the reality inherent in the comic situations depicted on screen. In a way, they're almost tone pieces.

    What sticks out to me most though is how humane they both are. Granted the leads of both shows are arguably pretty hateful people, the characters (and shows themselves for that matter) are not blind ugly hate-machines. It's not just some ookie dookie spookie, you know? It's about where the not-always-so-separate lines of love and hate cross. These characters despise their objects of hate (ie. baby, roommate) so much because of how much they actually love them. Otherwise, they wouldn't care.

    Most importantly, both shows are incredibly relatable. They confront us with certain dark truths about ourselves and our relationships to and/or with love via mundane (but truly real) annoyances like the cries of your baby or the urine of your roommate and they mine it all for everything they're worth.

    For these things alone, roommate trouble deserves consideration.

    Ultimately, I'm not sure if you should resubmit but I'm definitely sure you should keep making things. I know you may not believe me but I can GUARANTEE you, Ariel, that if you keep at it, one day you MIGHT be able to make something as good as Kill the Baby.

    Thanks for turning yourself loose!


    Apr 19, 2015 at 9:34am
  • hey guys just wondering why my pilot was rejected

    let me know any thoughts or criticisms, thanks!
    Apr 16, 2015 at 11:43pm
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