Oh, Shit! - Episode 9
Desmond faces his biggest challenge yet when a squad of trained monsters is unleashed!
293 votes  |  2371 views
Gumbel - Episode 10
A costly mistake causes Gumbel to take stock of his life.
290 votes  |  2511 views
Car-Jumper - Episode 3
A new team member piques Car Jumper's interest.
278 votes  |  2794 views
Karate, P.I. - Episode 1
Karate is the best P.I. in the business. But a missing person tests his skills as a detective and a martial artist.
267 votes  |  3376 views
Breaking Good - Episode 4
Mr. Black's double life is uncovered as tragedy strikes the school.
141 votes  |  2306 views
Dinosaurus - Episode 2
The government shows an intense interest in a man who can turn into a dinosaur. Who knew?
82 votes  |  369 views
In the future, mail delivery has become a bloodsport. One man must race the clock to save his own life.
128 votes  |  789 views
Paul Isakson plays a man named Paul Isakson in this show created by Paul Isakson. Check it out if you're a fan of Paul Isakson.
121 votes  |  791 views
They're conjoined twins AND private detectives. Things get complicated.
96 votes  |  231 views
Loogie feels the pressure of taking over the family business.
34 votes  |  434 views