Fagney & Gaycey - Episode 2
Someone is stealing babies! Will Fagney & Gaycey break the case?
150 votes  |  438 views
Everything - Episode 2
Everthing #2, Featuring the works of: Drew Hancock, Sevan Najarian, and more!
142 votes  |  1502 views
Is George too selfish? Will George be able to use a special cat as leverage against Jason Makiaris?
135 votes  |  150 views
Life In Slow Motion - Episode 1
James has a rare time disorder.
97 votes  |  141 views
Ikea Heights - Episode 5
While James Melville looks for love, Detective Mathis tries to curb the Ikea Heights drug problem.
95 votes  |  1142 views
When Wade calls Mike Rose a pansy, the production of their film spirals out of control.
49 votes  |  157 views
Aaron Moles takes Top Failed Pilot for September with a show about skydiving. Starring Hunter Stair as the Jumpmaster.
71 votes  |  543 views
Louie Jabar Jr strikes again with a show about The Bible.
21 votes  |  76 views
Beercules is sent on a mission from the King to find a sweet bottle of Tequila that's shaped like a dildo.
21 votes  |  304 views
These guys need to find the Porcelain Buddha.
19 votes  |  45 views