In a special Halloween episode, Drew Hancock takes his hit show back into an anthology format with the Tales from the Crypt parody,...
140 votes  |  762 views
In the premiere episode, host Jeff Davis presents an unknown George Romero zombie film that predates Night of the Living Dead.
131 votes  |  923 views
Return to Supermans - Episode 1
Supermen must square off against his arch-nemesis, Spider-Man.
120 votes  |  1124 views
Stop It - Episode 5
Mark (aka Shadow) is a witch and he must be stopped in this special Halloween episode from Mike Rose.
104 votes  |  282 views
Groove Fighters - Episode 2
While Brennan continues to court Sara Fireheart, a mysterious dance ghost is claiming victims all over town.
95 votes  |  309 views
Vengeance - Episode 2
Ace continues in his actions against Marcosias, beating up thugs and stealing steaks, working ever closer towards vengeance.
89 votes  |  71 views
Murder Town - Episode 4
It's Halloween in Murder Town, and not only does The Sheriff figure out a costume, but he also figures out who framed him for murder...
52 votes  |  115 views
Mister Glasses is an modernist architect who has fallen in popularity. But he's decided to start over with some new friends.
62 votes  |  98 views
Terry Bison is cursed to feed people his shit every couple hours or he will get sick and die.
52 votes  |  1044 views
Two men. One Body. Neil Armstrong & Louis Armstrong. Enjoy the insanity of Armsstrong.
30 votes  |  56 views