Classroom - Episode 12
With the help of Jason's Science Fair project, the class gets a hands-on lesson in American history.
156 votes  |  622 views
Planet Unicorn - Episode 2
When the Unicorns take a trip to the Unicorn Forest, they learn a lesson about emotions. Heyyyy.
147 votes  |  0 views
Shizuki is in trouble, and the SCU must remind Slade why their magician colleague is so important before stepping up to the challenge...
145 votes  |  206 views
Too long has the Cinespace audience held all the power at Channel101. Too long have the internet masses gone unnoticed and marginalized....
122 votes  |  3585 views
Reporters - Episode 3
Our heroes are frozen in time, and it is up to the opposing pair of reporters to write the best report ever and save the day.
119 votes  |  1414 views
Quest - Episode 5
All Quests must come to an end, as McCafferty demonstrates in this 12-minute epic finale with such depth and charm you would think...
Ted Crouton, a magnet for rare diseases, copes with the diagnosis of a Time-Traveling Arm.
78 votes  |  243 views
The year is 1882, and a group of Lumberjacks are faced with a great challenge when their only cook is injured.
72 votes  |  123 views
The walls of a room talk to each other, in this unique pilot of photographs and voice-acting.
61 votes  |  153 views
Three friends release a ferocious and legendary creature: Dragon Nate.
60 votes  |  206 views