Picking up where the 2006 Halloween episode left off, Shizuki, Slade, and Dick Titty head home, and slowly realize their world has...
193 votes  |  212 views
Exposure - Episode 2
Ash is in Montreal, Grace is in Australia, and pilots are due tomorrow. In twenty-four hours alone, Dylan creates his second pilot,...
175 votes  |  2971 views
Classroom - Episode 10
A new student requires some special needs.
170 votes  |  510 views
Reporters - Episode 1
A newspaper reporter and a newspaper photographer must cover a story about a leaky faucet.
161 votes  |  3646 views
Quest - Episode 3
Get to the kitchen. The plot thickens.
150 votes  |  294 views
Phone Sexxers - Episode 6
Sade and Adrian come to the end of their Phone Sexxin' journey, in this striking self-cancelling conclusion.
A spoof/parody on H.G. Wells "The Time-Machine" featuring a machine that may or may not travel through time.
114 votes  |  402 views
Three hot chicks fight monsters to protect the world, armed only with their guns and sex appeal. But what do the Mega-Girls do when...
103 votes  |  602 views
His name is Matthius Mercury, he races cars. He'll stop at nothing to avenge his sister's death.
93 votes  |  175 views
A hot-headed former track star is brought in to coach a hot-headed up-and-coming track star hopeful.
90 votes  |  80 views
He can work three jobs... but can he work four? In his first screened pilot since The Pool Master, Aaron Moles tells the story of a...
81 votes  |  346 views