Rock Gods of Rock - Episode 3
The Rock Gods' picnic is interrupted by country western call to adventure.
283 votes  |  507 views
Yacht Rock - Episode 3
shaken from smoothness by the wake of Koko's death, Kenny Loggins entertains the temptation of non-Yacht-rock.
234 votes  |  17381 views
A fifth investigator is added to the team.
228 votes  |  2253 views
The inner turmoil of the writing phase.
225 votes  |  1112 views
The Wright Stuff - Episode 1
Holy shit, where'd these guys come from? The Wright Stuff has accomplished a stunt that's become rather rare around 101: The...
211 votes  |  688 views
Utopia - Episode 2
Our hero gets a new partner and then a whole new world of troubles.
207 votes  |  378 views
The touching and violent conclusion of the Julian Swift trilogy, and, as it turns out, of a great Channel 101 show.
163 votes  |  291 views
A man has trouble adapting to a newly non-awesome life.
73 votes  |  71 views
They skate on boards and solve crimes!
48 votes  |  147 views
It's kind of like MacGuyver, only he's a reporter, and a rock star, and he doesn't invent any gadgets, he just does coke.
26 votes  |  76 views