House of Cosbys - Episode 2
Well, what did you think was going to happen? They're cloning more Cosbys. And we couldn't be happier about it.
244 votes  |  15929 views
Laser Fart - Episode 6
Laser Fart's identity is revealed and ...well, didn't he have a good reason for not letting that happen?
205 votes  |  2010 views
Well, it finally happened. A Chauncey (a rejected pilot then shown to the audience anyway by its creators on peril of humiliation)...
175 votes  |  433 views
Gregory and his protege solve a murder mystery at a picnic.
148 votes  |  1039 views
The 'Bu - Episode 9
All hell breaks loose when Shitbuster's Romano and Falconer take over The 'Bu's franchise with Chester.
141 votes  |  1830 views
My American Family - Episode 2
Teddy and Dad go fishing while Mom and Kim get acquainted.
125 votes  |  183 views
The Magick Haus family visits the moon, which, in this show, is simply a starting point.
94 votes  |  216 views
Every once in a while, a pilot comes along that I like so much, I just KNOW it won't get voted back because it's too good to...
133 votes  |  1389 views
Those charming sickos that made Shitbag from Tomorrow have finally returned. The title sort of explains this one on its own. Check...
83 votes  |  127 views
I thought this was cute, but then the guy that made it implied in our forum that he was sent from above to save our boring, formulaic...
73 votes  |  56 views
In this episode....well, what do I say. In this episode, we meet the main character. And he does definitely have a conflict, and he...
38 votes  |  552 views
Aaron "Struck doooooun" Yonda is back with another charming and, in my humble opinion, completely unappreciated show.
12 votes  |  84 views