The Jazzman stirs up the ghosts in our hero's closet. With a special appearance from Batman.
206 votes  |  934 views
Groove Fighters - Episode 1
Abed Gheith and Erni Walker created this high-energy show about the lines that blur between fighting and dancing.
172 votes  |  782 views
Stop It - Episode 4
Bill is a chronic America's Next Top Model Watcher, and his friends and family want him to STOP IT.
152 votes  |  339 views
Vengeance - Episode 1
Morgan Locke and Rod Hassler team up with Channel 101 badass Derek Mears to create a slick, intense, action-packed show about a man...
127 votes  |  165 views
Murder Town - Episode 3
The New Kids on the Block come between the friendship of a Sheriff and his rabbit companion.
120 votes  |  177 views
The Lone Wolf - Episode 2
The Lone Wolf takes a job as a dance instructor.
96 votes  |  82 views
Astro-Nots - Episode 2
Now on the Sun, the Astro-Nots must defeat the evil of the Commodore 64 army and save the Sun from dying.
40 votes  |  152 views
The Duncan Brothers return with a show about assassins who don't assassinate so much as kill each other to move up in rank.
100 votes  |  162 views
(Whose Trapped Inside A Synthetic Drum Machine). An animation by Kelsy Abbott.
91 votes  |  266 views
The son of the Invisible Man lives in LA, just trying to get by while collecting disability.
81 votes  |  146 views