Karate, P.I.
    Matt Hill netted a primetime show (and a Channy nomination for Best Writing) with this entry in late 2012. The adventures of John Karate, private investigator, kept the audience in stitches until April 2013, when Karate, P.I. was karate chopped into cancellation.
    Karate's how-to video is interrupted by a real crime in progress.
    Karate's skills are put to the test against an old foe.
    Karate relives his war days and meets a new femme fatale.
    Karate P.I. decides to use his powers to bring good things to the world.
    Karate, P.I.'s battle against crime continues as the show chops its way to #1.
    Karate is the best P.I. in the business. But a missing person tests his skills as a detective and a martial artist.