Playboy Adventures
Playboy Adventures tickled us with its richness and funny accents. Then, it got cancelled. Sorry, I'm running late and I don't have time for a fancy eulogy. These guys are my friends, they'll understand. Except for Myke Chilian, I hate him.
Bruno must unpoison a dinner guest's wife.
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    May 28, 2006
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Belying their humble underdog energy, the Valley Pals have distinguished themselves as creators that can make themselves at home in prime time when they damn well feel like it, and if S.O.S. Phantome and Rock Gods of Rock are to be taken as examples, Playboy Adventures will place its feet on the coffee table for a few months before casually getting up and strolling out the door of its own free will. The final frontier for the Pals would be a Yacht Rock, Laser Fart or 'Bu level franchise, but then again, one gets the impression that if they took on that goal, they'd cease to be The Valley Pals entirely.