I don't have any time right now to write a long goodbye for Lunatic. I feel bad about that fact because it was a very good show. The performances were stellar and the writing was fresh and funny. It got cancelled on its second episode. Why? How can we ever be sure. Let's all have a moment of inner torture for Lunatic. There, I kind of pulled off a long goodbye anyway.
Hygiene, fire safety and more lunacy.
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    May 28, 2006
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With its unpredictable story, absurd anti-humor and less-than-sympathetic protagonist, Lunatic is certainly the poster child for the March 2006 bloodbath, charging into prime time and smashing everything around it with a hammer. Behind its chaotic who-gives-a-fuck style, however, Lunatic has a certain intelligence and respect for the audience that may carry it through what will certainly be an insane April screening.