Pretty President
Pretty President was the result of an unlikely collaboration between Shitcock co-creator Wade Randolph and House of Cosbys animator/editor Sevan Najarian. Smart, funny and fast, its who-gives-a-shit story may have been its greatest strength and weakness. Like about half of all prime time shows, Pretty President was impeached on its second episode.
The President must rescue her daughter from Camp David during an alien invasion.
In a month of solid work from the returning shows, there was only room for one Freshman to take the self-cancelling Musical's place. Poetic, then, that it would be the pilot helmed by a new partnership of 101 veterans Wade Randolph and Sevan Najarian, both moving out of the shadows of previous relationships (Randolph created Shitcock with Wastelander's Drew Hancock and Najarian was the science behind House of Cosbys' Justin Roiland). The combination of Najarian's timing with Randolph's humor has resulted in a promising show which, in its list of triumphs, evokes memories of The 'Bu.