The Wastelander
The cancellations of Gregory Shitcock, P.I. and Utopia, while tragic, allowed for the unique and powerful partnership of Drew Hancock and Ryan Ridley, and resulted in Wastelander, a masterpiece in all areas of production, that garnered a few Channy awards for its performances and costumes. No previous show more thoroughly exemplified the ability of Channel 101 to match and even outperform legitimate television. Although Hancock retired from the creative partnership just prior to its cancellation, one can only speculate whether his plans to leave had some karmic effect or if he just got bored before audiences did. In any case, Wastelander will forever stand as a classic- the quintessential Channel 101 show.
Bruce and the Wastelander are taken captive by a demented self-styled redeemer.
While tending to a bed-ridden Bruce, the Wastelander is paid a visit by an old colleague.
The Wastelander is transported to a world beyond his reckoning.
Halloween episode: Bruce is haunted by The Wastelander's unknown past.
Just thirty days after each of their shows getting assassinated on the same night, Drew Hancock and Ryan Ridley are back, this time together. A teamup like this should probably be illegal in the first place, but just in case you thought this show was here to fuck around, they've put Ridley on screen with established 101 performers Chris "Timebelt" Tallman and Scott Chernoff- who has truly never put in a better performance. Add makeup and design support from Rob Schrab AND Kelly Kubik and you have a new titan, plenty capable of crushing any of the three shows above it in October.