House of Cosbys
    The first Channel 101 series ever to go three consecutive months at #1, House of Cosbys was one of those rare 101 breakouts that went on to satisfy the world. In the show, the real Bill Cosby never came along and destroyed his own clones, but in real life, creator Justin Roiland and site administrator Dan Harmon received "cease and desist" orders from Cosby's attorney in June 2005. The legal questions ground HOC's intensive animation process to a halt and House of Cosbys became Channel 101's first show to be killed not by the audience or by its own creator, but by lawyers. An unofficial fifth episode was created for the live screening by Romano and Falconer but is not served by for genuine legal concerns. However, due to outcry and outrage, Channel 101 will continue to carry the first four episodes for your enjoyment.
    This special final episode, which, in compliance with a cease and desist order, was not created by Justin Roiland, screened at Cinespace but won't be hosted at out of fear of being sued by the attorney who is absolutely NOT portrayed sucking anyone's dick in this video.
    Frequency Cosby on the mend; Cosby 10 and Mitchell watch alien television.
    The Cosby compound falls under attack by aliens.
    Well, what did you think was going to happen? They're cloning more Cosbys. And we couldn't be happier about it.
    A cautionary tale about cloning Bill Cosby.