Adventurous und Magick Haus
    Dave Hartman's second Prime Time show's unspoken premise was simple: Vote for me, and every month, I will bust my ass on mind-blowing visuals, channeling the resultant sleep-deprived schizophrenic breakdown into the story and characters. The result was a truly magickal blend of refined technical expertise and stream of conscious mythology. As with all of Hartman's stuff, Magick Haus was a particular favorite among internet viewers, but the live audience foreclosed on the property in February of 2005, perhaps feeling free to do so because of their knowledge that the creatively addicted Dave Hartman will always be back for more abuse.
    The Magick Haus family visits the moon, which, in this show, is simply a starting point.
    Judy and Leech Boy argue; the Magick Haus visits Atlantis.
    Magic paper; cookies; insane.