Even though its pilot just barely beat Computerman 6 for the fifth slot in January 2004, Auteur Doug TeNnapel's first Channel 101 series will forever go down in history as one of our most infectious. Brutally simple, richly stylized and driven by the hands-down best zero budget screen combat ever seen, Sockbaby began competing with Kicked in the Nuts downloads in record time and was on every 101 fan's mind and tongue for the entire month. Astonishingly, although its second episode delivered all you might expect and more, the live audience decided they had had their fill and Sockbaby entered the hamper, amidst good company, at the February 2004 screening.
    Burger and Ronnie get a little bit closer to wiggin-food-or-what.
    Watch it the first time, and you'll love the fight sequence. Watch it the second time and you'll become intrigued. The third time, Sockbaby may become your new favorite download.