In this very special Halloween episode, McDonald and Loggins must unite to protect smooth music from Michael Jackson "beating it."
  • a b says:
    This was the best Halloween version of a 101 show I've seen yet. It totally stands up as a Yacht Rock episode but just has the spooky tweak to it. Also, I'm curious what recording studio that is. The guitar Tyler (Eddie Van Halen) is playing looks like a $50 Strat clone but the green mic Demorge (Michael Jackson) is singing into is a $6000 AKG C12 VR. And they don't even have the mic pointed in the right direction, haha. I think Michael actually recorded vocals into a $400 Shure SM7b because he liked to hold the mic while he sang in the studio, because that's what made him comfortable. I'm not the biggest MJ fan, so I haven't sought out that info, I just remember running across it at some point. None of this is nitpicking the show, the show is perfect, I'm just typing shit.
    Jan 17, 2021 at 11:55am
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